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Dropping Out of Highschool & Becoming a Filmmaker


As clickbaity as this may sound, it's actually very true.

As I mentioned in the video above "I'm not here to sell you anything", it's the truth. I'm here to share with you why I dropped out of highschool & how I transformed my life to create videos as my full time job.

Even growing up in Boise Idaho, in a mormon household, couldn't stop me from doing it.

Now you're probably wondering why the hell would you do that. After spending over 18,000 hours of your valuable life, inside of a building where they teach you 2 + 2 & PEMDAS, why in the world would you waste all that time?! It's one of those long stories that you can't explain quickly without people asking a thousand questions.

So grab a snack & get ready for a little ride.

Not Working with Clients because of Their Opinions?

I've had meetings with clients in the past who would tell "Just go back to school, it'll be worth it", "You made a very bad decision", "You're going to regret that for the rest of your life", the list goes on & on, but I never saw them after that meeting. Why? Let me tell you.

Imagine telling somebody that they've made the wrong decision by having an abortion, or marrying somebody, or even telling them not to dropout of elementary school... (Just Kidding)

But on the real note, if I would've listened to any of those individuals & went back to school, I would probably be scratching my back with a trumpet & reading the Great Gatsby instead of writing this Blog...

Not saying I wouldn't enjoy attending Orchestra practice (because I LOVE music & have respect for those who spend hours a day to master their craft), but the main reason is because I wouldn't be doing what I love & have a schedule that I get to design.

Now here's the story on why I had the audacity to drop out:

It all happened on the day, February 13th, 2018. (I was 17 years old).

That year I decided to follow a friend of mine, Blake Bartlett, (graduated at 17 years old) & become a full time online student. Our goal was to graduate early & start a production company called Sondays. One of those goals became a reality, but the other turned out to be the total opposite outcome. You can probably guess which is which.

Blake had a couple more credits left in order to graduated & I had a few. We decided to take a couple of the same classes. The plan was to take different classes & then exchange information (cheat) for the other class. It was the best idea ever. Why wouldn't you do that in order to finish highschool 2x faster?

After a couple successful months of sticking with the plan & rigging the system, they caught on to us. I had just finished an English class & let Blake sign into my account so he could double monitor that bitch & finish the assignments for that day.

One thing we totally spaced is that the online teachers can see where you logged in & the exact time you signed into your account. They saw Blake's & my account, logged in at the exact same time & at the exact location. They caught us. Mission failed & no, we won't get em next time.

The thing was, we didn't get one email or phone call telling us the news.

Pablo Escobar

On the day of February 13th, I had just arrived to a music video shoot for an artist named Xander. I had just completed a 100 question test the night before, so I pulled out my phone to check on the grade I got. I went to sign in & this was the very moment where everything changed.

An error message popped up with the exact words "Error. Your account has been terminated."

Yup just like that.

In this moment, I felt the same feeling that Pablo Escobar had when his business was falling apart. The same feeling when your account gets hacked on Instagram. The same damn feeling when you loose a job.

I thought my parents we're going to be pissed & un-own me.

But at the same time, I have a very strong belief that EVERYTHING happens for a reason.

It was suppose to happen.

I was at a music video shoot & got terminated from my online school account.

This is a message. Not a f******* error message but a message from above.

Yes, I could've found another online school program.

I could've went back to public school.

I could've had my parents do what Blake's dad did.

Which he called & told them they can't expel us without contacting him or sending a damn email.

Blake got back in & graduated that year.

But me? I didn't do anything. I told my parents I'm not going back. I take signs seriously & something felt right about being a dropout.

I can do anything at anytime. I can sleep in. I can beat the GTA 5 story mode for the eighth time. I can simply live how I want.

I enjoyed myself a little too much the first couple months & it was the very first time where I felt free.

But I didn't announce it to the world like I am now because I felt self conscious & thought people would call me a dumbass or a retard (which I highly despise the word retard).

What Did Your Parents Think About This?

I'll keep this subject short & sweet.

My parents were the mormons that drank coffee. (We later on left the mormon religion)

They're very caring & raised us right but are very laid back parents.

When I told my mom, she was concerned but I told her to trust me & things were going to work out.

On the other hand, when I told my dad... Well, he laughed & asked

"How do you get kicked out of online school?"

That was another sign! They were't suppose to act like that. If they were caring parents, they would've done what Blake's dad did right?

Not true. It's all apart of God's plan. Everything happens for a reason. They let it be. Why? I have no idea but they let me be. They trusted me that I would do something.

The Seed

After dropping out, I kept creating video & worked at a restaurant as a dishwasher. Someone had to pay the bills (Gas & Xbox Live).

On Blakes 17th birthday, I quit my job, over the phone. Not because I was scared to be a man & tell them in person, but I had no intention of wasting my gas to tell them I'm never coming back again.

Yeah it was disrespectful, I'll admit. But I didn't like being tagged as a dishwasher. I wanted something greater. I sent a very nice & long message & they didn't care either!


It was time to plan my life. I went to this vape store when I was 17 years old & the owner of the store wanted more business just as much as I wanted a Juul, so he sold to the underage kids.

I got home, puffed on a Mango Juul pod & began my planning. I had to figure out a lot of things. But the first question was, what do I want to do with the rest of my life?

I was making $300+ from music videos & knew I could easily pump out 3 music videos a week. I started there & wrote out some simple math.

$300 x 3 videos = $900 a week

$900 x 4 weeks = $3,600 a month

$3,600 x 12 months = $43,200

Holy shit... I was impressed. Way more money than a dishwasher will ever make.

I wasn't cleaning dishes ever again,

I was creating content from the roots.

From an idea to a reality.

Something Out of Nothing

Why Sondays you may ask? It has a couple deep meanings & it may blow you away.

Seth Ondrick - eth & drick = son

SON - Something Out of Nothing

Why a Cherry?

A Sundae always has a cherry on the top.

Doesn't matter how you spell it if it has context right?

We supply the cherry on the top.

Is this starting to make sense?

If you read all the way through & 100% understand this story, You're amazing & deserve something special.

Please email: & send me an email saying:

"I will follow every sign that the universe sends to me, in order to achieve great progression & happiness because it is my higher self reaching out to me to understand what I need to do to end up to the destination where I need to be."

You will receive a document, in which you will need to fill out, in order to receive a gift,

100% on us!

Hint: You wear it around your neck.

We care about everyone who is supportive & stay up to date with Sondays content.

Have a wonderful day !

-Seth Ondrick

Creative Director

Sondays LLC

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